After asking a few questions about my basement HT, I figured I would make a dedicated thread to document the build. I'm super excited about this project, bought my house in 09 and spent all my time/funds on fixing it up to worry about a HT. Although, I did setup my living room really nice in the meantime, which I documented in another thread a few years ago (sorry, all the image links are broken).

Anyway, I finally got around working on the basement last March. I framed everything out slowly over a few months and only finished at the end of November. I hired sheet rockers a few weeks ago and they literally just finished up yesterday. I'll probably paint within the next week and start looking for someone to install a drop ceiling and then finally the flooring. Then it's low voltage wiring (I ran conduit everywhere) and buying all the equipment! Here are pictures of the progress so far. I welcome all comments, advice, and

My original quick layout sketch.

Quick render I did in Google Sketch to get a better idea of the room size when sealed off from the other half of the basement. I may go back to this one and add all the room decor.

Pictures of framing and electrical...

The cabinet on the left will hold a slide out equipment rack for all the HT gear.

The screen will be installed on this wall.

This is the wall opposite of the screen.

Here are a few pictures of the spray foam insulation on all the exterior walls. I did use fiberglass insulation on the interior walls, but I didn't take pictures before the sheetrock went up.

That's it for now, I'll take pictures of the room sheetrocked and post them soon.