Got my blinds installed today and they are awesome. 9 sets of custom double cell blinds from Lowes including a horizontal slider for the arcadia door for $1700 installed. Not only were they on sale %20 off but they also gave me a 10% military discount.

Most are blackout blinds which work much better than I had expected. There is some light leakage around the edges but I had them made extra wide so it’s minimal. Since the room will also be curtained, with blackout curtains where needed, that should take care of most of the leakage which I can fine tune as needed. BTW thanks for the Velcro idea Zimm.

A curtain store just down the street has already said I could buy a sample of each curtain I want to try and return the ones I don’t want so that part should hopefully be painless.

Now I just have to decide if I want to take a minimalist approach (my nature) or do a theme.
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