Playing a little Bioshock and figured out something real fast. Don’t like the DSX wide channels for the hard pans in gaming. As you turn your character around and the sound cycles through each speaker there is a long period where both the L or R main and it’s corresponding wide speaker are both producing the same sound. The effect is a very noticeable and sudden increase in volume as soon as you pan off dead center lasting until about the 90 degree point where there is a sudden drop in volume as only the surround is firing.

Since there is a lot of motion especially back and forth across the front the sudden drop in volume when crossing center is really annoying. Plus the increase in volume from the front sides obscures the queues coming from the surrounds that something is coming up behind you.

Looks like I’m pulling the plug on DSX wide.

I’ll have to set up two rows of seats and see if the VP150 or M22s can still perform back duties as well as they do with a single row of seats. If so they will free up the QS8s for the height channels.
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