I figured I’d better post to update what I’m hearing with the new height and wide channels.

After spending more time watching whole movies and not jus checking out specific effects I have to revise my opinion of the wide channels and say that they really do enhance the overall soundstage especially sitting in the sweet spot.

For specific effects like panning across the front and of the L/H or R/H side of the screen wides are still a mixed bag especially if I concentrate on what their doing. But I’ve noticed two things about then now. When not specifically listening for them it’s not nearly as noticeable when they over exaggerate a L/R pan. Also leaving them on throughout the movie really does seem to improve the immersion of not just the front soundstage but all the way around. Sort of tricks my ears into hearing 360 degree sounds even when almost nothing is coming out of the surrounds and backs.

This effect is very soundtrack dependent based on how much ambient stuff is in the front L/R channels. An example of a movie that sounded much better using the wides than the heights is “Angels and Demons” Blu-ray I watched last night. Many of the scenes involve crowds or street noises and here the wides really shine.

I still don’t like the wides for most music the one exception as I expected being concert recordings. The wider soundstage sounds is much more realistic. However, having tried them on 3 games now, Bioshock, Elder Scrolls Oblivion and Mass Effect I can’t see using the wides for gaming.

Last night I finally mounted the QS8s up as height channels so I can get a feel for them with more material especially games where someone has mentioned they are suppose to excel. I still prefer Dolby PLIIz to the DSX height.
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