Iíve made enough of changes I thought Iíd post some pictures. Iíve still got a lot of work to do like painting the trim, running cables. I just hate doing the detail stuff cause if it works then that should be good enough.

This picture is looking at the kitchen from the arcadia door. With the curtains closed the room is almost totally black. I had to leave a couple things visible in the pictures to give a sense of perspective. Just like in my apartment itís very disorienting with all the lights off. However, Iíve realized that with a screen this big I will never get the room as dark as my apartment was when watching things on the HDTV. I

This picture is looking back at the arcadia door from the kitchen. The reason thereís no curtains back there is two fold. First I cut out the curtain for the back wall to save money. I found in my apartment that not enough light even reflected off the white back wall to be a problem so Iím not worried about it here with burgundy.

The reason for not curtain on the back of the right wall is that Dazian messed up. Everything they did was perfect including the angle cuts for the valance at the front running up the vaulted ceiling. But when I went to hang the back right curtain panel there was a grommet missing right in the middle. They are fixing it at their expense and I should get it back next week.

This picture is from the arcadia door toward the office (equipment/media room). Also I opened up the curtains at the door/hallways to give a better perspective of what the room really looks like.

Here is a link to the before pictures to see the changes


Like I mentioned I still need to run my wiring. It will be easy since the curtain hooks are doubles with the rod on the out hook. I will just run the wiring along the inner hook and drop it down to each speaker. Thereís no way I could have run the wires in the vaulted ceiling and this way the only hole I have to punch in any wall it to get the wires out of the media room. I might even run the wires through 1 1/2 black PVC pipe which will fit a VGA cable and snap tightly into the inner hook. Not sure if I will bother with that since the bare wires wonít show with the curtains drawn anyway.

Also Iíve decided not to install black carpet. Black just shows way to much dirt to use as permanent flooring. Instead Iím having a throw rug made of black carpet to lay down in front of my seating. Not sure what the real colour will be. I like burgundy to match the walls but I might go with a tan or gold to keep it brighter and paint the trim to match that.

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