Per a request to see the DSX speaker layout I did the best I could with extremely limited photographic skill and trying to show black speakers against a black background. If anyone remembers way back when I bought my speakers the goal has always been for the speakers to be heard and not seen during HT use.

Originally when I set these up all front speakers corresponded to the DSX angles for placement. In this picture I’ve moved the mains closer to and under the screen as part of my experimenting with positioning otherwise the wide and height speakers are still properly positioned per DSX standards. They look closer together than they should because the picture is take with the camera sitting on top of the projector which is about 5’ back from my seating. Almost impossible to see but the little dots of light near the sides about level with the top of the screen are the QS8 height speakers (close-up later).

Here’s the back of the room from just off center at the screen. The QS8 surrounds are to either side a few feet back from the seating while the VP150 rear is on the two unused QS8 stands in the back. I plan on wall mounting the surrounds, probably with full metal brackets, but am holding off until I get the positioning right which isn’t going to happen until I replace the VP150 rear with a couple M2s.

I’m not happy with a single rear speaker because of the psychoacoustic issues often mentioned by Alan of it being hard to tell if a sound from directly behind is coming from behind or in front. I already have tried the M22s and QS8s as rears and found both work better than a single rear VP150. However, due to the limited amount of audio coming from the rears I think using anything more than M2 or M3s is a waste of money in my room.

Well this one is sort of a throwaway shot. I was hoping it would better show the L/H QS8 height speaker in relation to the other front speakers but it blends in to darn well. ;\) BTW it’s tweeter is the little dot up high between the L/H M22 and L/H M80.

Close-up of the L/H QS8 height speaker. When I first mounted them I wasn’t thinking about how high the curtains would go. If I find having the curtains that close below the heights degrades there performance I will move them higher, however so far I don’t think that's going to be a problem. I put them at that height to adhere to the DSX angle for how high to place them relative to the seating.

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