I haven’t rerun Audyssey yet because I haven’t gotten my one defective curtain returned yet but I did a little test to see which music listening mode I like the most. Unfortunatly the Onkyo 3007 unlike my Denon 2807 doesn’t allow easy switching directly between modes. Instead it requires you to cycle through all the modes to get back to one with no way to go backward. A real pain but in this case a slight benefit as it allowed me to do a sort of pseudo blind test since there are so many mode I can’t keep track of them.

I put on something with both good vocals and a lot of ambience and started switching. Some were very easy to skip over but a couple seemed to clearly sound better than others. Eventually I settled on one that seemed to just sound the best compared to all the others.

The winner was Dolby PLIIz THX Music mode.

Also just last weekend I bought a Samsung 6000 series 46” display to replace my aging Samsung DLP. Wow is the picture better. It’s also so bright it’s made me realize just how much my projectors lamp has dimmed after nearly 800 hours.

I did the math and have put an average of 8.5 hours a day on the AE4000. That will drop off with the new TV and the passing of the holiday season. Federal employees really do get a ridiculous amount of time off from Thanksgiving through Martian Luther King Day. Add to that the reduced flying schedule for the holydays and being on night shift . . . .
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