Ok I finally did it. I switched over my primary computer to HDMI hooked up to my AE7000. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with my AE4000 but it just doesn’t focus as clearly as the AE 4000. For watching anime on Netflix even in HD it’s ok but the blurriness of the text on the AE4000 compared to the AE7000 was driving me nuts. Not to mention the other PQ factors like colour depth, black level, and shadow detail are so much better on the AE7000 there’s no comparison. Now I just need to find a viable HDMI KVM switch so I can hook all my computers up through the same output.

I’m about to make an interesting HT purchase. I planning on ordering a rowing machine. I was planning on getting an recumbent elliptical but someone on an exercise forum I posted to suggested a rowing machine instead which will allow me to sit under the beam from the projector without moving any seats out of the way plus it comes on rollers making it easy to pull in and out of the weight room (read master bedroom) into the HT (read former living room, well I do pretty much live there). This way I’ll be able to get in so cardio work while watching things.

On drawback I found right away is that with the clearer computer screen every little thing like the slight misalignment I’m seeing right now is irritating.
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