As I've posted in another thread, I've put about 20 hours on my S590 since Christmas. I'm most impressed with the performance of this little player both in DVD, BD & SACDs that I eventually got for $97 CAN. Huge bang for the buck factor.

What the longevity of this machine will be, who knows? I'll enjoy it while it lasts...


I have read your posts, so thanks. Itís one of the reasons I didnít feel the need to spend weeks researching what to buy since I had already come to the conclusion based on posts like yours that most basic players these days would for all practical purposes have PQ and SQ indistinguishable from an Oppo (just realized Iíd been spelling it wrong damm dyslexia wink ).

Donít get me wrong either, Iím not anti-Oppo since my Oppo DVD player has certainly stood the test of time. Iíve used it to test every disk (1000s) Iíve ever burned and it still show no signs of any problems, however, the BD player has had little issues since day one. The only reason I bought the Oppo BDP in the first place was that I knew I would spend weeks researching and no matter what find a reason to justify buying it anyway. However, this time around it brings nothing I can see to the table to justify a premium of 5 times the price of something that is just as functional for me. Any incremental increase in either PQ or SQ the Oppo might have are likely (especially the SQ) to be indistinguishable from the Sony or comparable Panasonic in real use. I would be better served in saving $400 USD on the BDP purchase and put that toward room treatments if I want better SQ or PQ. Just like the B&Ws I liked were certainly not worth 3 times the price of the M80s, I canít see any way the Oppo is worth 5 times the price of the Sony especially since the Oppo I have died after 2 years of pretty minimal use (granted that is anecdotal).
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