We are not interested in applying for patents for stuff like this.

I know some of you will call BS on all this so here is the entire email I sent to Ian:

The network is a proprietary design and after some considerable thought, we would like to keep it ‘within’ the company. This simply means it is not available for OEM; upgrades only (such as a Borla exhaust for your car). That said, we do have a partner program that we can discuss at a later date if interested.

I spoke with my partners (one of whom is GR Research) and I’d like your ok to post some before and after measurements with explanations on my website. Please understand I mean no disrespect at all; in fact I greatly respect you and Axiom. The speaker business is incredibly difficult and we admire what you have done.

If this is something that you would rather not discuss or take further publicly, please let me know!

What I could not say at the time that I can say now is that we have just inked an exclusivity with another OEM so that puts the kibosh on us sending something to Axiom. Bad timing I know but that is how it goes.

Can someone go onto the site and purchase a set, test them thoroughly and then return under our 30 day audition policy? Sure can. Nothing I can do to stop it \:\) So no publicity stunt here. How silly a notion anyway - it's not like you can't just buy one...

Also, I added the requested measurements to the site. Go check it out...

If you would like to discuss the measurements and don't want to do it here, you can comment via the blog post here.