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Sovkiller. Yes, Axiom is making the drivers and crossovers available, but I think you would be better off selling the old v2 and buying v3. The difference will probably be about the same as buying all the drivers and crossovers.

No, that is not the case, I hope I could get for mine what I need for the upgrade, the cost of drivers and crossover alone is almost the cost of the new V3 pair, it is like Axiom do not want us to upgrade that way...I was contacted by JC and yes the cost is prohibitive for the upgrade.
BTW hope you will never have to replace any driver at your dime, those prices are simply ridiculous for such size and quality...almost the double of any hi-end on the market from any well known brand...

About to sell the V2's and get the V3, well as you probably are aware, Axiom has good prices for their speakers, but unfortunatelly extremely bad resell value, the trade in program was a very good option for us, I will give my two years old M80V2's at 1K, to whomever wants them, they are in pristine condition, like new...Just to get he V3's, lets see if there is any soul interested...

Given the price structure of each component (that was given earlier in this thread) and the total cost involved relative to the cost of a brand new M80 tower, the modifications are indeed really expensive. It is a not a value driven purchase when it comes to price/performance. This is not out of the ordinary with manufacturers or other aftermarket modifications.

Sticking with just internet direct brands as an example, Ascend Acoustics is coming out with a newly modified version to the bamboo constructed Sierra-1. It has been estimated that the new tweeter alone would retail around $180. The biggest problem with the M80 modifications to V3 is that there is so many driver components to swap and all those costs add up. The cost of the drivers is probably around or a bit below industry average. Applying modifications to existing products is not generally a market where value is present for the consumer.
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