That can be a problem with a company growth. I will say that I have on occasion become rather pissed off at Axiom. I think that you can point a major part of this to loss of staff or re-allocation to other areas.

They lost sales staff when Brent left and the duty made it over to Debbie. I don't now if its just she is overworked, but from a customer experience point of view we went from someone who was there and passionate about what he sold to just being dropped.

There have been times over the past 6 months that I have been on the market for items and called Axiom only to get the cold shoulder where I have asked questions and never gotten any response.

I understand that they are launching a new product in the Air and it may be eating up major resources inside the company. I don't own one and likely never will (unless someone wants to send me one for free). But it boggles the mind why a company would pull resources from what works to try and prop up a new market that I doubt will amount to much.

If someone suggested that home hifi is a dead market, I would agree to some point. But the portable hifi is by comparison a non existent market. If you look at the trend of young people today, they don't sit and listen to music like we did. They are happy with snippeds of sound from a highly compressed i-device and a pair of ebuds inside a cup is considered quite acceptable for amplification.

I feel for those of us who lament back to the days of good customer service with a smile.

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