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Hi Griffith Strife,

Sorry to hear this went so badly. I am not really sure how this got so confusing and discombobulated. We were out of stock of M80 cartons for better than four weeks during this time. When they came in we shipped yours to you. That really should be the whole story here; but it seems we also ended up with Murphy's law in play.

If someone would of told me that, or if someone would of apologized for not telling me that. I would be a lot more understanding. The thing that really hurt was the 2nd shipment arriving the way it did.

I bought and paid for something that as far as I am concerned I never received. Everyone was nice but no one ever said sorry.

Ian I think it's a great thing that you interact here. That's the reason I fell in love with Axiom almost 14 years ago.

But after last year and this box fiasco, all I feel towards Axiom is sadness.

I wish you and everyone else here the best.

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