Did I attack Debbie? Did I call her names or mock her in some way? I told the truth exactly how it happened. Debbie was nice the whole way through. Many times in my post I referred to her as the nice lady. Maybe you should learn to read.

Socketman I did not come here to whine I came here to warn new people. I know the usual 12 or 13 of you guys who post here and for the most part. Axiom could start killing kittens, and you guys would say great every audio company should kill kittens.

My post is for new people to know current Axiom is not the same Axiom of old. I don't know if it was the retirements or what but something is broken and its not getting fixed.


Yes Ian posted here I said above that is one of the reasons why I first fell in love with Axiom.

But how did him posting here help me? I still paid 90 dollars on something I never got. I still wasted a month and a half of my time. Heck in my opinion he did not even apologize. So what good did it do me? Should I feel blessed, Is Ian the pope?

2x6 attacked me but yet you attack me for my sub comment. Any objective person would see I attacked no one I was simply stating facts not whining. Just telling new people What Axiom is really like now. So they don't go by 3 and 4 year old posts and 10 year old reviews.

Edited to add this about 2x6 story Stereoguy99 referred to

Axiom did not lose money they made money. You act like Axiom should be knighted for not losing a sale. Any company would of did the same thing. Either A burn the cost of shipping the speakers out in the first place. Or make a profit on a new set.

Dare I say you are delusional, you truly believe Axiom sells these speakers for cost. I mean what bushiness would choose to lose 60 dollars instead of make 600.

craigsub If you want it's yours, it's maple I also have the QS8s with matching stands. I sold the Vesallo M80s for 600.

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