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To the Angry Man, Axiom is in the audio equipment business, not the cardboard box business. Debbie attempted to accommodate you. Her efforts required follow up. You must be a very important person to have taken such offense from Axiom's error. Good luck getting personalized service from the folks at Focal.

You seem to be able to write but not read, Axiom is in the box selling business. They charged me 90 dollars for boxes. Axiom was not doing me a favor.

I hope you are using these subs in different rooms if not maybe you should look into buying 1 good sub instead.

I am going to take your advice and laugh at you, I mean you do seem to know it all.

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What was personalized what Did Axiom make boxes just for me? You seem very upset about Focal, I don't expect personalized anything from anyone. I expect accountability.

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