For the sake of not propagating another angry thread about this company, I figure that I would add my thoughts to this thread.

I am not as ticked off as Grifith, but sure am getting up there. I hope that when IAN said on the AxiomAir thread that maybe the company should monitor this web forum more, that comments like this thread get taken seriously.

On May 24th, I ordered a second one of the ADA1000 amps for my system, this time a 5 channel configuration, so it's not a cheep amp. I called up and spoke with Debbie on May 30th to confirm a time when the Amp will be shipping. I am down right now as I need the 5 channel amp to watch TV as I don't have a center channel amp hooked up. Rather than ripping everything on my rack apart to re-route all the cables as a stop gap measure, I was assured that the unit was just finishing production and would be going into the Testing Department mid week. It should ship out possibly on that Friday, but most likely Monday. As I live so close, the Amp should hit my doorstep on Tuesday June 7 by the latest.

Well, we are now on Thursday June 9th, and after several not returned phone calls and an email, I finally got someone to pick up my call. Sadly JC has no idea where in the process my Amp is. If it even got made, or is stuck in testing, Guaranteed it is not shipping today so there is ZERO chance I am getting it this week.

I know that I am going to get blasted by many here for getting upset that my amp is 7+ days late. I am sure that you can go on how you had to wait extra weeks for your speakers to arrive. I get that. What I get upset about is setting up false expectations and making promises of shipping that simply cannot be kept.

If you look at what Grifth originally said in the first post here. He was upset that he paid for something and was given a promise to get (in his case boxes) that was just handled badly and he never got what he was promised or paid for.

Here I am, really wanting a second amp. Had I been told that you know we are really busy and we hope to get it out to you in 2 weeks time from order, but realistically it might take 6-8 weeks, I would not have a problem. I would have removed an amp and re-wired knowing that its going to take a while. I would have been watching my TV and been happy right now looking forward to getting my second ADA1000 and hooking up to ATMOS.

But no, I got a promise, not once, but twice confirming that on June 7 I would have an amp. That is pure and simply BAD CUSTOMER RELATIONS and not doing Axiom any favours for keeping this customer who has spent multiple thousands of dollars on products from them. It is customers like ME who pay the bills. It is customers like ME who they rely on to give referrals so that they get more people to buy their product and they grow.

What do you think I will be saying to anyone who asks me what I think of Axiom? Likely it's closer to ' they make great speakers if and when you get them some unknown time in the future, and btw: their customer service sucks! '

That is the reality that Ian has to correct and get the rest of their staff onboard. Reality like for JC who when he got my email or phone calls, got back to me acknowledging that he got my message and is looking into what is going on. Not saying anything and leaving the customer in Limbo is the same to the customer as hanging up the phone on them and simply ignoring their request. NOT GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICE.

/Rant Over.


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