Grif, never said any of this so yeah your facts are in error.

Socketman If Focal was buying the speakers back to resale them for a profit why would they care? Honestly man do you think the trade up program is a gift? Do you think Axiom takes the speakers and burns them and only issues that credit because they love us. Also I would not need to call Focal becuase they unlike Axiom have a resale value. I have my VP180 listed for 400 dollars and can't get a single offer

Honestly I don't know why people go on the internet to whine. Shit happened its over , the end. Too much unwanted complaining these days. And there really is no need to attack other people (2x6 speeds) for their choices, its a well known fact that multiple subs help to even out bass response. Enjoy your focals and the music. Bye Bye


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