First of all, please do not confuse wilwom's post with mine as he uses the same avatar. I do not agree that Griffith Strife's post is valuable or that Axiom's customer service has declined.

Ola Socketman

Too true about Axiom resale value. I attribute that to a remarkable internet campaign by a bunch of malcontents who have made it their jihad to defame Axiom's excellent speakers and subs. I have attempted to reason with some of these internet trolls on other audio sites, but have been astonished at the level of irrational hatred these folks spew.

It's my opinion that some of the folks who have made this site their own and who have expressed narrow minded audio prejudices in an arrogant manner have brought some of this hate upon Axiom. I've seen folks come here and speak well of their speakers and then comment about how their choice of speaker cable has enhanced the sound of their systems only to be dumped on and chased off by a small clique of folks here who mock anyone who expresses an opinion which does not conform to the settled wisdom of those here who know it all.
[is that really one sentence?]

Dare to post you prefer the sound quality of tube amps to solid state? Stand back and prepare for the dump.

I think the fact that this site is patrolled by a narrow minded few who mock those with different experiences with cabling or caps, or tubes, has harmed Axiom's reputation.

I also think that running afoul of Audioholics' failed desire to market Axiom products has resulted in a turn around from blazingly positive reviews to either outright negative reviews or reviews which damn with faint praise. Audioholics has a following.

Then there was the ninja cross-over scam, and subsequent internet campaign which in my opinion slandered Axiom's products. Nevertheless, in my opinion, this might have been avoided had ninja posts on this forum been responded to with a little grace.

It is amazing to me, that a glitch in delivery of packing cartons could result in such hatred.

I have had the pleasure of spending quite a bit of time with a Focal 8 series system. It's OK. It's expensive. In my opinion, Focals which cost twice the price of Axiom speakers do not sound as good.

Nevertheless, Angry Fellow, I hope you enjoy your Focals and sincerely hope you overcome your anger and disgust with Axiom over such a trivial matter. I also hope you reflect on Ian's gracious post, explanation and apology to you and acknowledge class when you see it.

Lastly, I have been buying Axiom speakers since 2002, 14 years. I own or have owned some high-end speakers including Thiel CS3.6s, Infinity Overture Composition III towers, vintage Dahlquists, and Klipsch big horns. My Axioms stand tall in this august company of audio accomplishment.

Trust your ears not the rantings of internet trolls.

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Enjoy the Music. Trust your ears. Laugh at Folks Who Claim to Know it All.