It is easy to complain about things that don't go your way. I can agree from one side that expecting to get cash back for a trade in without buying from most companies won't get you too far.

But I can only assume you didn't really read what was said. He sold his M80 speakers to another person and wanted boxes to ship them in. He purchased a set of boxes from Axiom and paid for them on his credit card. Axiom took a long time to ship him his boxes and when they did, they didn't ship everything that he had paid for nor after bringing it to their attention did he get any resolution.

So I paid 90 dollars for the boxes ... 2 weeks later I call back to see where the boxes are. The nice lady apologizes and says someone should of called me. They are out of M80 boxes but will have some the next week on Monday. She promises she will make it and right and will refund the extra 30 dollars I paid. 10 days later I call and the nice lady says she will make sure they ship that day.

And they did, but they arrived with only 2 lids and only 3 top foams. And 1 speaker box was bigger than other and the foam kept falling out. So I had to cut the box and tape it to make it fit. I called and the nice lady Debbie asked for some pictures and apologized and promised to take care of it Monday. Well 8 days later and 5 phone calls and messages unanswered I got Debbie on the phone again she made sure and shipped the lids and foam out.

Well the lids and foam arrived yesterday. Problem is who ever packed the lids decided the best way to ship them was to completely destroy one lid. at this point I gave up and just went to FedEx.

His beef is that he had paid $90 for boxes for him M80 so that he could sell them to someone else. He did get two boxes but something wrong with the lids and not the packing foam that is needed. I think his vent is perfectly valid and I understand his frustration from having to phone multiple times to get what he paid for.

Regardless of who he was planning to ship speakers so, if he paid for a set of shipping boxes for M80 speakers with all the required foam and packing material, I would expect that is what he should have gotten. If Axiom agreed that they messed up and didn't send the right materials and agreed to refund $30 for the screw up then I would expect that refund transaction to go though again regardless of where he was shipping to.

I don't know how much Axiom charges for boxes and shipping materials. When I read his post, it sounds like they knew what he was planning. Axiom had every opportunity to say sorry we will not sell you a shipping box unless you order new product from us, but didn't and charged his CC for the $90. I would say they entered into a contract with him to provide the boxes as agreed.

I admit that I only know what I had read on the post and that is his side of the story. Without knowing the whole truth as to what happened, it doens't make sense to chastise or lay blame onto either party. All that I have said is to agree with him though my own experience where I have found the level of customer service over the past months has dropped down from what I got when I first became a customer of Axiom back in 2014 and speculate why.

Anthem: AVM60
Axiom: ADA1000, LFR1100, VP180, QS8, EP500, M3, M3comp
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