Someone please correct me if I am wrong ... but this part of the opening post in the thread:

On April 14th I ordered some boxes for my M80s I was going to ship them in for credit. I was hoping I could sell the credit to someone

Speaks volumes. It appears the intent was to return the speakers to Axiom for trade credit without purchasing product, then selling the trade credit to someone else to use towards a purchase.

I don't know of any company that would even consider doing this.

This also makes it pretty clear that the OP was "done forever" a while ago. Try calling Focal and telling them you want trade value on your speakers as a credit that you will sell to someone else, and get back to us on how successful you are.

As for Debbie - yes, her follow up needs to improve. It's either over work or something missing in her organizing the tasks at hand. That being said, she USUALLY gets things done quite quickly. We just don't hear the times where things went smoothly.