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BobKay... smarmy political comments on this board are the reason I rarely post. It was old in 2005.

It's OK Craigsub. No one posts here anymore. Every once in a while, there's a twitch. Not really a sign of life.

BTW, Debbie has provided me with EXCELLENT customer service in connection with 2 orders of M100s, and 2 orders of EP500s. All issues quickly and graciously resolved.

I am talking with her about upgrading my order for another EP500 to an EP600, only because she has been such a pleasure.

To the Angry Man, Axiom is in the audio equipment business, not the cardboard box business. Debbie attempted to accommodate you. Her efforts required follow up. You must be a very important person to have taken such offense from Axiom's error. Good luck getting personalized service from the folks at Focal.

Debbie has been awesome to deal with...also Axiom has been great to me most of the time nobody is perfect!!The whole company is a pleasure to deal with have always answered my ? on email/phone....have some things been slightly delayed yes but again everything was resolved to my satisfaction!!Try finding a CEO who frequents his companies forum & answers pm's......?????The clincher is 2x6spds story right on this forum about what Axiom did 4 him..end of my thoughts!

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