Griffith Strife: I never attacked you in my post period...yes there was a subtle disagreement with your point of view but no where did I say that your point of view was invalid or wrong..nor would I!!! Now let's look at your kind words for me shall we(yes I'm being very sarcastic)


Did I attack Debbie?(Did I say that in my post??) Did I call her names or mock her in some way? I told the truth exactly how it happened. Debbie was nice the whole way through. Many times in my post I referred to her as the nice lady. Maybe you should learn to read.(Personal attack 1)


2x6 attacked me but yet you attack me (Where did I do so?) for my sub comment. Any objective person would see I attacked no one I was simply stating facts not whining. Just telling new people What Axiom is really like now. So they don't go by 3 and 4 year old posts and 10 year old reviews. My comments are based on my experiences now & the past in particular the last 3 months!!

Edited to add this about 2x6 story Stereoguy99 referred to

Axiom did not lose money they made money. You act like Axiom should be knighted for not losing a sale(????Where did I say/imply that?) Any company would of did the same thing. Either A burn the cost of shipping the speakers out in the first place. Or make a profit on a new set.

Dare I say you are delusional,(Personal attack number 2) you truly believe Axiom sells these speakers for cost ( again where did I say anything remotely close to this???). I mean what bushiness would choose to lose 60 dollars instead of make 600.

P.S I just looked up 2x6spds post about the way Axiom treated is Jan 26th/2016!!!this year sir not 3-4 yrs ago!!! So that says it all!Again IMO!

Griffith Strife: You are an angry person IMO! Oh I do have the right to rebuke your personal attacks on me & will do so, have a great weekend Griffith Strife!!

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