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Motives matter.

I don't buy into that line of thought. If I met you at a party and you said you were thirsty, and i grabbed a random glass of a counter top without knowing what it contained and you drank it and died, would it make me any less responsible? I would have no malice or intention to do you harm, but by my total lack of care to check what was in the glass directly resulted in your loss (of life).

Some times motive really doesn't matter.

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I think they're buried with trying to work out the kinks and deliver all the Axiom Airs. They're a small operation and nice folks.

I think most of us will agree that over the years Axiom customer service has been excellent.

I have only been a customer for the past 2 years so what they were like before I bought is totally redundant to me. All I can comment on is how I have been treated since 2014 when I bought my first speakers from them. Brent was a really nice guy and he did return phone calls and was very pleasant. I bought some M80 speakers and decided that they didn't give me the oomph that I thought they could give. (turned out is was really my source material). So I returned them to upgrade to a pair of LFR1100. In the process, they sort of ripped me off by 13% as they charged me the $3951+334(tax) and then took off the return of -$1377 that was the price of the M80 i returned. But I didn't get the discount of the sales tax that was paid on the M80 so I lost out on $179. It took me about 9 months to figure it out as that was how long it took for them to send me the reciept emails and I just wrote it off to Oh Well, they are a small company and I got a good deal on the LFR's anyways.
They did upgrade the DSP on the LFR so that is a good point for them. I have found that since Brett left, they have been slow to return phone calls if they ever do. Generally I just give up waiting after 2-3 days and phone back. I think that they are sort staffed and that is causing the problems. It might not be that there is too much work for the number of people, but if you get one person doing too many tasks, then things get dropped too easily and errors happen.

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I do sympathize with people having issues. It can be very frustrating when you have an expectation set (sometimes a couple of times) and have them not met by any close margin.

With the promise of the AxiomAir NEEDING to be a success, and with the extreme popularity of it as a product, their focus is definitely there. I am not saying that it should be at the expense of regular service, but that is what is happening.

I do sympathise with them, but they could hire me as a telephone sales person. I have done remote support for a software company and IP phones are quite common now. But they just have not reached out to hire me yet, so little good that does.

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