I was having menu problems with a couple of Blu-Ray discs and contacted the Oppo customer service. They said that there was a firmware update that came out December 22 ( http://oppodigital.com/blu-ray-bdp-83/bdp-83-firmware-48-1218B.aspx ) that should fix the problem. For some reason the newest firmware doesn't come up automatically on the Oppo even though I have an ethernet cable hooked up to it. Anyways I notice that there now a subtitle shift option available with the new firmware. If you are watching a foreign film with and have a 2:35 lens on your projector, you have move the subtitles out of the black bars (where they are many times) and into the image so that you can even see them. Once in a while, with foreign films, the subtitles are far too low in the black bars so that there are problems watching a 16:9 movie as well, so this feature would help there too.

- Nick