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While I've not seen a the Oppo BD player in person, the president of the company where I work bought one of their DVD players on my recommendation. It is completely repeatable on his player. Turn on the player, open the draw, insert a CD or SACD, and press play. The draw closes, and the disc starts to play as the HDMI handshake is still going on, and thus the beginning of the first track is missed. Hit, track back after the handshake has finished, and you'll hear the beginning just fine.

Don't you just hate it when you give a recommendation and then some quirk that you just didn't know about pops up?
I put Abit motherboards in two systems a number of years back and then out of the blue Abit calls a bunch of boards back produced over a couple of years due to high RMA based on cheap caps used in their production.
I ended up replacing those two boards BEFORE Abit had the recall so these people forked out money for something else because of the failures.
I ended up selling my Abit board on eBay for $50 (got multiple bids) because although the board had blown caps, it was still functioning. I suspect some electrical amateur decided to fix the caps themselves and got a great quality board for cheap.

I was still stunned it sold at all.
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