I'm going to just stick with my 60GB PS3 + DV-79AVi combination which covers all the formats which the Oppo can play (plus some it can't, like wave files).

I'll just wait to see what Oppo does next. They're off to a good start, but "good" isn't enough for the cost of the player.

My official list of dislikes (in the order which I remember them):
1. Doesn't play .wav files on removable media (which is the format of all my ripped music, and it just silly to not support).
2. The general recommendation is to turn off BD-Live because of compatibility issues.
3. The general recommendation to to turn off secondary audio because of sound quality issues. (Sorry if I get a BD 2.0 player, I want to make use of the BD 2.0 features.)
4. Doesn't play many new releases on the day they come out; requiring a firmware update. (I've never had a BD that the PS3 has not played perfectly.)
5. Doesn't take into account the HDMI handshake delay, and cuts off the beginning of the first track of CDs and SACDs.
6. Having to pay for fancy analog circuits which I'll never use.

So what I have now, provides me with what I really need, and while a single player would be nice, Oppo's first go has enough little niggles which would have enough impact on my ability to enjoy the player, for the price which they are asking.

They're planning a new BDP-80 for release in the coming months. It's supposed to be cheaper than the 83. But it has yet to be announced where the price reduction is coming from. I'm hoping it deals with #6, but still keeps the SACD and DVD-A support. A slightly faster DSP would take care of #3. #2 and #4 will improve as the firmware matures, and more studios test their discs with Oppo's player before shipping (that's why the PS3 never has trouble, because no studio would ship a disc which doesn't play on it). #1 can be fixed in firmware, and having the balls to stand up to the copyright cops. Unfortunately all Oppo DVD players with HDMI have always suffered from #5, but enough people are complaining now (because nearly everyone is using HDMI) that they may finally deal with it.

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