I'm well aware of the nit picking which occurs at AVS, and I like it. I'm pretty good at figuring out what matters to me and what doesn't. So I do like to know the worst-case, and determine if it is something which would bug me or not.

Regarding the use of the lossy core when the secondary audio is in use: yes, you're right, the only player (that I know of at this time) which can mix the lossless HD audio with a secondary source is the PS3. But that's just it, the PS3 is $350, and I have one already; the Oppo is $500. I expect that a more expensive device of any type be able to perform the tasks of any less expensive one at least as well.

That's all I'm saying is the Oppo is priced at a point where I demand a little closer to perfection before I buy. Even if there is nothing else in that price range which compares, it still has to live up to my expectations of what I think I should get for that money. I would rather have no BD player, or just settle on a less functional device which costs much less until there's something available which ticks all my boxes, and then cost stops being an issue.

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