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It seems that the firmware update containing the subtitle shift option is now official. I think it was official on Tuesday. I turned on my player last night and it automatically asked if I wanted to update. The funny thing is, I rented a Coffin Joe movie from Netflix that arrived on Tuesday and it needed this subtitle shift option to view the film with the correct aspect ratio on my TV. Running into movies that need this option are quite rare.

So have you tried it yet? This feature is has been desired by 2.35 scope screen users for years. If it works well, the Oppo will be on 2.35 user’s most wanted list for sure. I know I’ve wanted this for quite some time. I just keep forgetting to plug the Oppo into the lan to download the update.

The rest of you old farts are dating yourselves. (coming from a 40 something old fart granfather)

This weekend I watched a Blu-Ray and two DVD's that had subtitles. I used the feature and it worked perfect.

- Nick