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I had been considering this player sometime this year and although not all of your list would apply to me, i have to agree about #5 the most. For the price, one would not expect such an inadequate quirk in the machine.

Apparently not everyone is noticing or experiencing the cut-off beginning of audio discs. It may be dependent on the equipment involved. One of the people who continually complains about it on AVS, also experienced it with a previous Oppo DVD player. Several others noted the same.

While I've not seen a the Oppo BD player in person, the president of the company where I work bought one of their DVD players on my recommendation. It is completely repeatable on his player. Turn on the player, open the draw, insert a CD or SACD, and press play. The draw closes, and the disc starts to play as the HDMI handshake is still going on, and thus the beginning of the first track is missed. Hit, track back after the handshake has finished, and you'll hear the beginning just fine.

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