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[rant] I’m still hoping the format dies and gets replaced by something else soon because overall I think it’s a crappy hodgepodge of ever changing standards and I hope HDMI dies with it. [/rant]

I hope Blu-Ray stays around as long as possible so that we can get as many Blu-Ray titles as possible. The next thing to replace it (since it already is getting its foot in the door) is going to be downloads and streaming. I love my Netflix streaming, but only because it is free. The substandard audio (and sometimes video) along with dealing with the fluxuation of your internet connection and/or the server that they have the content on is bad enough that I wouldn't want to pay for a streaming service. If downloaded movies go anything like music downloads then 90% of it is overly compressed garbage, that 90% of the people can't even tell is garbage. No thanks.