I had an umbilical hernia surgically repaired several years ago. My doctor was top-notch...he did four tours in Iraq as a surgeon and right after my surgery he went to head up the trauma surgery team at Dartmouth. He had a really easy-going disposition though, and a good sense of humor. Before the surgery, he came to check on me in the pre-op area and told me not to worry about his shaking hands. He hadn't had a drink yet that morning and after a couple, the trembles usually stop.

Anyway, a week after the surgery, I was in his office for a followup and for him to check the stitches. He walked in and ,while washing his hands, asked me how it was going.

With an absolutely straight face and tone, I told him that I think it was all pretty good..... though I'm surprised that it was still draining some blood and so much green puss a week after.

I could tell that he was seriously trying....but failing... to remain calm and composed when he said "OK, let's take a look at it".

I ran into him a couple of months later (he still lives in town) and he recognized me. He put me in a headlock and tried to give my scalp "noogies". He told me he still laughs at how "I got him".
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