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If I were to buy a set of these and request they be sent to Axiom, would anyone be interested in a “used” set after Ian was done playing with them?

Not to worry Mike, I already have a set being made, unless Sean decides you guys have pretty much ruined any hope of a future sale, in which case he might just drop Axiom from his line up.

Sean was good to his word in that he would send them for an audition free of charge to any forum member, that would be me, as I apparently contacted him first and I also have 2 other sets of M22s offered up by the other members here in Calgary to use as controls. I suspect all of your banter has made him have second thoughts on even pusuing Axiom as a client. He has not received this type of scrutiny from the many forum members at av123, granted they know him better than we do, but still he designed a crossover for their much loved Rockets and Ref 1's and they have more or less embraced the chance of a new sound from their much loved speakers. I can see where some will like the sound and others won't, but until any of us get a chance to hear some of the new crossovers we should be reserving judgement.