I called and spoke with axiom about upgrading the crossovers and drivers from V2 to V3. The impression I got is that there would be a cost saving in doing this (maybe buy all drivers and crossovers for both V2 m80's for about price of 1 new m80 v3, maybe a little more?- just a guess though). They said that Ian is still working on the pricing for the upgrades. When he is done, the upgrade components will be for sale in the axiom store online.

Keep in mind that there will be a fair amount of soldering required to replace the crossovers. (not sure of the exact amount).

As long as the price is right, I plan on buying new drivers and crossovers for my m80's when I buy a vp180. If I can talk my wife into it i'd like to get an ep800 at the same time but I have a feeling that might have to wait.