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Even though I never took advantage of the trade-up program, I really liked the idea because if I eventually decided to switch my whole system to a nicer finish, that probably would have been the way to do it. v3 and whatever new models are coming out will pretty much ensure the normal speakers in my system will be replaced (fronts, center, surrounds), but there's no way I'm replacing my subwoofers for a long time, so I'm fairly locked in to Boston Cherry for quite a while.

I never expected to use the trade-up program since when I bought my Axioms it was with the intention (still is) I would never revisit my HT speaker purchase. Maybe add to but never replace. That’s why I went ahead and just got the M80s figuring event though I was in an apartment then I would eventually want them. Funny how I seemed to miss the trade-up program when I ordered the M80 center.

I’ve always intended to purchase a separate 2ch system for the other room that Sean and I demoed his speakers in. I’m almost certain they will not be Axiom. Probably 2 driver monitors or towers similar to Sean’s speakers. Not that I don’t like the Axiom sound but for some things I would prefer a less intense speaker than the M80 but one that still goes lower than the M22. Always liked the Focal Chorus I demoed way back so those will be high on my list.
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