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I guess Axiom should stop releasing incremental improvements within a realease for everyone to enjoy so as to maintian their release integrigy.

Some people are just plain stupid.

Or not open a thread claiming there are huge differences between the last two versions only to have to dial it back because it depends on when someone bought the previous version.

I have no problems with Axiom being proud of it’s improvements nor rolling them out as soon as they become available, that‘s a very customer oriented attitude which I don‘t think anyone else does routinely. I just think it’s misleading posting a review indicating “MAJOR” improvements between the last two version when it really depends on when in the previous versions production cycle you purchased. While forum regulars might realize this implicitly those use to other manufactures rollout methods may not.

IMO they should have done a better job explaining it up front. Which gets back to the more general issue of the series of small miscues occurring over the course of the last year just because of these incremental changes not being well publicized. Probably better to call these PR and not CS issues but when the lack of PR effects customers perceptions of a company it becomes a CS issue.


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