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LOL I got my order on the right time of transition being able to get the v3 total package, but still there is one speaker missing that supposedly was shipped last week on Thursday, in which case I would have already gotten they here. I e-mailed Axiom asking for the tracking number so I could get a right delivery time frame and they couldn't find one, so I was told they would get back at me on Monday since the factory was closed. As for now has been no contact from Axiom so far and no tracking number at all. That's really frustrating since it's been 5 weeks I paid Axiom and still don't have my whole set delivered and no prospective of when it will. Even though I like the speakers a lot I am definitely considering sending all back. That's sad but Axiom has given me a real bad shopping experience so far.

Personally I would base my decision to keep or return speakers based primarily on whether I liked them or not. I would have to have an awful CS experience to return something I liked. If nothing else you should ask Axiom to reset your 30 day return period to reflect when you receive you’re complete package so you can have a true 30 day evaluation period of the whole system since a center speaker is fairly important. Can’t hurt to ask.
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