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Samsung's PN58A550 is on sale at Future Shop again for $2500 here in the great White North. I am so darn tempted to pull the plug on this thing, only problems are finances (which I can probably work out) and it's not available to view here in Peterborough.

Has anyone had any success bartering with the Future Shop, even on sale items?? If so, any suggestions?

It depends alot on which salesman you get, as you know FS is owned by BB now but they have a different sales approach (mainly high pressure, lol). FS is commission based, presumably any additional discount they give you comes out of that commission. I had one guy at FS show me a list of upcoming sales and told me he could "do better" than the listed prices. He undercut the sale price on a receiver that was on sale by another 15%. Also depends on the markup of course.

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