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I'm sure that someone has that need with so many TVs with built in streaming though and wanting better audio transfer would be nice.

Yeah, it's not a feature I need, either. I haven't found a single streaming device that does everything I want, but I'm not using any of those features on my TV. I tried Netflix on my Xbox One X and Fire TV Stick 4K (and I may have tried it on my UHD Blu-ray player as well), and they both had audio sync issues with 4K content. Thankfully I was able to get 4K and Atmos to work fine in the Netflix Windows 10 app. For Hulu, HBO, and Amazon content, I'm using my Fire TV Stick. I don't like that they all seem to limit resolution on web playback now, and you have to use an app or streaming device. Gotta love how splintered everything is for both content and hardware. The consumer experience.