Well, the sale on the TV ends tomorrow so as things look right now I'm going to pull the plug and get it either tonight or tomorrow. I have some questions and it would be greatly appreciated if you guys could help me out ASAP because as mentioned I may be going in after supper. First and most important and I know it's come up on the forum before is can you turn a plasma on its side or in any other position other than upright? This is a large TV and the only way I'm going to get it downstairs would be turning it 180° to get it through a doorway and down the stairwell or into my elevator and down it. Also, could you guys give me any suggestions as to how far off the floor it should be. I don't have the money for a stand right now so I was thinking of having something made out of plywood and painting it, hoping it won't look too cheap.

Thanks guys and gals

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