There is a local store that is going out of business, mostly cheaper/discontinued or refurbished electronics(flea market stuff). I thought I'd check out what they had anyway...most of it was garbage but I saw he had boxes of various cables, wires ect, so I asked him if he had any spools of speaker wire (14 gauge), to which he said he had some in his warehouse location in T.O. How much? he said they were in 50 ft lengths and then asked me how many I wanted, thinking I was a wholesaler or something. It was a stretch for me, but I played dumb and asked him again what his price was...if I were to buy his entire stock of approx 1000 units of 50 ft he would sell them for $2.00 each. I wonder if it's really 14 gauge or not(you had to see the mess in this store), a bargain if it is for someone.

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