"they only "price match" competitors, not their own company. "

That's hilarious. Did the clerk you were talking to look like the boss in Dilbert?

I might have beat Wallyworld at it's own game last night. I needed a gas can and it was close to the grocery store I dropped my wife into so (hating grocery getting) I also browsed the Home Entertainment section. A clerk was filling a shelf with older, $19.00 dollar BlueRays and I glanced in her box and saw a single Watchmen BD. I patiently waited for her to add it to the display and sure enough it had a $19.00 label.

After asking if all these BDs were $19.00 and she just looked at me as if I were too stupid to read the labels myself, I decided that her rudeness was enough to quash any guilt I had and headed for the checkout.

With great power comes Awesome irresponsibility.