So like most of the owners, we got a nice email today... So it got me thinking... Maybe now is the time to prep for Dolby Atmos by replacing my four QS8s (two from December 2004, and two from just about 3 years ago) for four M3s to get away from the (awesome) quad-polar design and into the direct radiating surround speakers that Atmos really needs.

So I started messing around with numbers...

If I trade in all 4 QS8s (not cheap speakers) AND my VP150 from December 2004, with all replacement shipping boxes and shipping labels, it would cost me $1.30 to get a single pair of M3s...

Then I would just have to get a second pair of M3s and a $3.50 RCA adapter (to get over $500) and I could use the $250 coupon.

That would get me to what I need for $252.80, but boy that seems like I am sending back a LOT of expensive speakers AND still having to pay a small chunk of money to end up with less complex/expensive speakers than I started with.

I also have a $60 referral credit that I've been sitting on for a while, but I don't know if I could use that too.

$192.80 is at least a little better for a "lesser," but still great set of speakers to be used as surrounds.

Maybe I should go up into my attic tomorrow and see if I still have my latest QS8 boxes. That would at least save me $30 more.

Farewell - June 4, 2020