I have had some really good luck with MCACC on my 6 year old Pioneer Elite receiver, but its got some additional bells and whistles that some of the more basic models didn't have back then.

I have sense turned off most of the MCACC pieces and have tuned things the way that I like them. That seems to be what a lot of the Audyssey do (at least from what I've read). It is more of a quick fix, and then when people get their SPL meter out, they tune things properly after shutting it off.

Then again, there are a LOT of Pioneer haters out there and since MCACC is a Pioneer only feature, they must hate it too.

I've had great luck with all of my Pioneer gear that I've owned over the years, but when I do V4.0 of my theater, I will be ready for a new receiver again and will look hard at other brands. Who knows what I'll end up with.

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