The prices at Circuit City are starting to get interesting.

As many know, their clearance prices were not that great to begin with - often higher than what you'd get online. But this past weekend I re-visited a local store and found that some of what they had left was now reaching a point where I'd call it a 'good deal'.

Of possible special interest to my Axiom friends would be things like Logitech Harmony One remotes for $179, ($191 on Amazon).

We picked up a Logitech ipod/iphone dock/clock/stereo system for my wife's office for $99, when the best price I could find on Amazon (man, I love the Amazon iPhone app) was $150+. Prices on PS3 games and BluRay movies were also starting to look pretty good, although the selection was dwindling.

The only catch is that at least at my local store, the shelves are starting to look pretty picked-over. Not a ton of selection left.

And one word of advice - check over whatever you're buying before you leave the store. Open the box. Check it. Our store had a couple of tables set up and were encouraging people to do so. I've been reading a few horror stories on other forums of people getting home to find parts missing from stuff that was supposed to be brand new. And in that case you're SOL.

Anyway, I'd say that if you have a CC in the neighborhood, it might be worth checking out. You never know what you might find.

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