OH CRAP! I've seen them all. Although, I'm not sure I've seen Fiddler On The Roof all the way through. However, there are some terrific movies in the collection. My favs would be (YMMV):

Twelve Angry Men - excellent jury room drama
Some Like It HOT - hilarious Billy Wilder slapstick comedy
The Apartment - poignant love story
Judgment at Nurenburg - magnificent WWII war crimes trial drama with stunning performances by Tracy, Lancaster,.....oh hell the whole damned cast is outstanding.
Birdman of Alcatraz - Lancaster outstanding again in prison drama loosely based on fact.
Manchurian Candidate - juicy psy-ops/political drama
The Great Escape - marvelous WWII POW camp drama, again loosely based on fact.
The Pink Panther - Peter Sellers hilariously over the top as Inspector Clouseau.


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