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Okay, here's something that may turn out to be a good deal. DeepDiscount.com is offering an additional 25% off to High-Def Digest readers with the code HIDEFDIGEST25 from now until August 2nd. It doesn't work on preorders, so you can't order the new Battlestar Galactica Blu-ray box set yet, but it comes out before the promotion ends, so it may be the best price to be found for a while. Their price right now is $219.89, which is already ten cents cheaper than Amazon.com's price. If it does indeed allow an additional 25% off, that may be the way to go if you're impatient.

The code does work, making it $164.92 with free shipping, which is the best deal I can find on the box set. I just wonder how long of a wait it will be to find it well below that price. I've still only seen the first season, which didn't win me over 100%, but even if I didn't feel like keeping it, I know my brother-in-law and sister would love to have it. I'm still on the fence. Did any of you buy it, or are you planning on buying it?