Well, after a couple of months wait, my HG Rosewood M22V4s arrived today. Being enveloped in a fine cloth sack was a nice touch & the aroma wafting out of the carton was wonderful.

They are a work of art & well worth the wait. The Cabinet Crew should be justly proud of their work - my thanks to them.

The newest colour of the veneer is more red than the previous rosewood, but they look way better next to the older coloured EP-800s' than the black vinyl. The new attachment hardware to the FMS-16 stands is better & more solid than the previous V3 type as well.

We christened them with a movie tonight at -10 Db - 'Lucy' Blu Ray. Really quite an interesting story & very enjoyable - worth a watch IMO.

The new M22V4s sounded as good as they look. I'll run an Audyssey calibration soon but I expect little change from the V3s...