I had the strangest dream last night. It involved my cat. (go figure). My cat was running down and not feeling so good, so I took her to the vet, who said that she needs a tune up. He said it's easy to do this yourself, and gave me a place to contact to get the parts and instructions. I ordered these. The cost was around $500. It included a new liver (frozen), and some other odd and end parts with some plastic tubes. There was instructions on how to get to the brain by popping the face open. It was hinged there to make it easy to close again.

After reading the instructions, I decided that this wasn't a chore that I felt up to, so I went back to the vet to get him to do the job. But his winsome personality always got the better of me and I would go back home thinking that I could easily perform the job. Then when reality sunk in, I would go back to the vet. This back and forth happened about 3 times, with me feeling the new parts may be getting bad since I keep thawing them out and re-freezing them.

Weird, no?