I think my wife said she wants to do steaks tonight.

That means it'll be time to make my "Blue Balsamic" glaze. I take a some good sized crumbles of Maytag Blue Cheese and add a few tablespoons of Villa Manodori Aged Balsamic vinegar. The best balsamic I've ever had. I just barely mix them together and then spread it over the steaks, just as they're almost done. The heat warms up the glaze and starts melting the cheese.

Not that good steaks really need much help, but the sharpness of the cheese combined with the sweet and sensual nature of the Balsamic on a perfectly cooked steak just blow my mind. It's heaven on a plate. For me anyway.


And just to keep it Axiom related, my wife and I enjoy cooking together and we almost always have the Axiom's on in the background providing some cooking music of some sort.
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