It was Pig Out in the Park this weekend in Spokane, Washington, and my friend, Rachel, invited me to accompany her. As you can see in the concert thread, we also lucked out with Emily Wells performing on Saturday, too.

The winners for Pig Out for me were the deep fried peanut butter and honey dessert sandwich with powdered sugar, the elk breakfast burrito, the chocolate-dipped turtle cheesecake on a stick, and the pina colada smoothie. Everything I tried was good, though. I also had a combo plate of Indian food, wok-fired soba noodles with teriyaki chicken, hush puppies, and Pad Thai. Oh, and I tried some of the Navajo fry bread with maple that Rachel got, as well as another type of fry bread, though I can't remember what that one was called. All very good. I recommend that event if you can ever attend, that's for sure. I also got other food items when I was in Spokane to bring back for friends and family. And for me, of course. Too much chocolate from Chocolate Apothecary, gourmet flavored popcorn from a market (Grandma's Apple Pie, Toasted Coconut, Bourbon Pecan Torte, and White Chocolate Mousse), and individual servings of cheesecake which were also at the market, by Spokane Cheesecakes (Huckleberry, Mayan Spicy Cheesecake, Pecan Praline, New York, Limon, and Cherries Jubilee). Oh, and I bought three packs of jerky for my dad. He let me try the one with the ghost peppers, and it was really good.